The Gourmet Detective A Healthy Place to Die



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Brooke Burns as Maggie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by blanche-2 6 / 10

decent mystery

The Gourmet Detective mysteries are, so far, pretty good, and better than the other Hallmark series.

This time, Maggie (Brooke Burns) is due for a vacation, so her boss sends her off with Henry(Dylan Neal) to a fabulous spa where a food conference is being held, and Henry is speaking.

Henry sees someone dead in the pool, but by the time he alerts Maggie and they go to the location, the body is gone. And a hated journalist, Kathleen (Lisa Marie DiGiacinto) who showed up uninvited is missing. Several people wanted her gone -- a film star, her agent, a man whose marriage she ruined - it's a long list. It takes a while for the body to re-appear, but it does and Maggie and Henry find themselves investigating another murder.

Granted the sparring between the two leads is not as acidic this time around, but I still am having trouble with the Brooke Burns character. She has a real edge and as far as I'm concerned, she's not warming up the camera. It's possible as the series goes on, the two will find their rhythm.

Reviewed by jwayne_24 8 / 10

As good as the first one

I have to say that this was a good movie. Not great, but still good. Henry(Dylan Neal) and Maggie(Brooke Burns) are together at a spa resort for a food conference and Henry spies a murder/crime occurring below his balcony. He and Maggie work together, albeit reluctantly at first (on her part) Much like the first movie, their bickering and sniping is really good-natured and masking a mutual attraction that sees sparks fly on both their parts. Of course, they solve the crime, thanks in large part to Henry's quick thinking, and end on a happy note. This movie is for sure worth viewing, and I look forward to the next one as these two have great chemistry on screen. My grade: B.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 5 / 10

I wouldn't be prepared to die for what this film cooked up

Okay, so "A Healthy Place to Die" was in fact better than the initial film "The Gourmet Detective" in this franchise collection mainly because of the refreshing acting of Dylan Neal who plays amateur sleuth and gourmet guru Henry Ross. Now Henry's real motive for engaging in solving murders is because he is attracted to the lead San Francisco homicide detective Maggie Price, played by actress Brooke Burns.

As in the premier film of this franchise the affectionate bantering between Henry Ross and Detective Maggie Price continues as Henry relinquishes his penthouse suite to Maggie if she agrees to attend a cooking convention that he will be the lead presenter at the convention.

I found that the cat and mouse love attraction between Henry making goo goo eyes at Maggie, and Maggie's obnoxious and negative hissing at Henry's affectionate on towards dragged on much longer than needed until finally a reporter winds up dead in the hotel pool which finally leads these two reluctant partners to commence their whodunit investigation.

I will rate this film slightly higher that the premier film in this franchise collection and as the romantic sparks continue between Henry and Maggie maybe by the third film Maggie may just pull a rock star Rod Stewart and "Wake Up Maggie" he really just wants to talk to you!

I give A Healthy Place to Die a 5 out of 10 rating

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